More ABC’S in Food and Nature

For pancakes: 

 Plastic container squeeze bottle (like mustard and ketchup)

Pancake batter, and griddle

After you cook the pancake on one side turn it over. Using the squeeze bottle filled with a favorite flavor icing or topping print your child’s name on it or a special message. 

As you shop find soups and cereals with alphabet shapes.  While you eat name the letters.

As you go for a walk see how many things you can find shaped like a letter.

Y’s, H’s, and E’s are pretty easy with small branches and leaves

Before a child learns to read he needs to see the differences in the shapes of the letter.  Are they tall or short, round or straight, etc.

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Make a pie plate tambourine

1 foil or tin pie plate

6-8 flattened bottle caps…metal


Ice pick

Adult help is needed to use the ice pick to punch the holes where they are going to hand from the pie plate. Punch one hole in center of the bottle cap also. Now your child can put the string in the hole of pie plate and bottle cap and then help them to tie knot or double bow knot.  Now let’s hear the music and watch the dance.

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Make family puppets and act out a fun trip or experience

Supplies needed:

Paper lunch sack for each family member

Colored markers or crayons

Construction paper



String or yarn

Fabric and other sewing scraps

Sit down with whole family and think of a fun time you had on a trip or eating out.  Anything that everyone remembers and everyone is included in the event.

Now each take a bag and put your hand inside and place your fingers in the bottom flap so you can move the “mouth” of the puppet during the show. Now draw you face on that flap and add hair and ears.  Next make you body and add the colors.  Now the drama begins…….enjoy the laughs.  It may be so good you want to save the puppets for the next performance.

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Art Fair for Charity


Supplies needed:

Art work plus clothesline and clothes pens or fence to display them

Construction paper for making tickets, and advertisement posters

Simple refreshments, with napkins and paper cut

Decorations, streamers, balloons,etc.

Tape record with music

Card table or picnic table

Box for cashier

Optional  Face paints

Children can invite friends or neighbors to participate with their art work.  Each one is asked to bring about 6 or 8 of their special art works to the fair.  Friends will be invited to come and look at the masterpieces.  Hopefully each will be very reasonably priced and affordable for purchase.  All proceeds will go to a favorite charity. It is always good to teach children about helping others in needs and acts of kindness. Hopefully the guests will be generous.

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Make your own finger paint

Supplies needed:

3 Tablespoons of sugar

1/2 cup cornstarch

2 cups of cold water

Several colors of food coloring

Liquid dish detergent

Medium size sauce pann

Muffin tin or several small size cupts

Freezer paper or shelf paper with one side shinny

Old shirts to wear with buttons in back for painting

A sink or large bowl near by so hands can be washed after painting

Let you child prepare the recipe above.  Stir the mixture except for the dish deterent and pour it into sauce pan on low heat.  It will become thick.  Remove from heat and pour into cups or muffin tins.  Add food coloring to each one. Add a drop of dish detergent. Stir and let it cool and then you are ready to paint with both hands.  Be sure and use the shinny side of paper.

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Outdoor Painting

This is one of my favorite activities with toddlers and Preschoolers.  It is so easy and they just love it. 

Supplies needed:

Small foam paint brush (disposable type) or a real small brush you don’t care about.

A small bucket of water ( Yes, just plain water)

Objects to paint:  a car, a house, a fence, a barn, a swing set, etc. anything

Optional:  painters cap

A hot summer day is perfect for this activity.  Tell you child you need some painting done and need their help.  Gather supplies and take them to it.  Ask them to simply paint.  It will look wet as they paint and soon it will evaporate and be gone.  The child just loves painting so they just keep painting and loving the chance of a lifetime.  Enjoy together….they like it much better if you paint too.

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Shaving Cream Bath Paint

Supplies needed:

Muffin tin


Can of shaving cream

Food coloring

This will be a very special bath time

Squirt shaving cream dollops into each section of a muffin tin.  Add a couple of drops of food coloring to each section and mix together with a spoon.  Place the tin where child can reach it while in the bathtub.  Let them dip their fingers in the paints and create pictures on the wall or tub.  When bath time is over just rinse the paint away.  What an easy clean up and what fun for your child.

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