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More Puppets

While I am thinking of puppets let me remind you that they are a wonderful tool for telling stories, teaching a song and acting out stories or situations. They can be used to give instructions, to promote an event or … Continue reading

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Bible Character Puppet

Supplies needed: one bendable coat hanger, one leg from old panty hose (never throw hose away with one good leg), and scraps of construction paper or small pieces of felt. Bend the coat hanger in oval shape to make the face. … Continue reading

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Telling a Bible Story

When you read or tell a Bible story to preschooler tell it with lots of expression and sound effects. Make the characters and events come alive for the children. Use a children’s Bible as it will be age appropriate. We … Continue reading

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Magic writing

Children love surprises. This will be fun to watch. Supplies needed: A white sheet of paper,. A white crayon, one or 2 colors of food coloring( blue and red show up nicely), Two small paper cups filled with about ¼ … Continue reading

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I know you folks in the north are not thinking of fishing with the snow blowing around but this is great indoor activity you can do all year long. Almost all children love to go fishing so they will love … Continue reading

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Learning the basic colors

Learning the basic colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and brown) can be fun. Supplies needed: One sheet of construction paper for each color that you want to teach. A bean bag and if that isn’t available a … Continue reading

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Paper Scraps have a Purpose!

Each time you do a cutting activity of any kind put all the scraps in the …..No not the trash can. Recycle them into a zip lock plastic bag and save them for the cutting box. Anytime you need an … Continue reading

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