Sorting Christmas Cards

It is New Years’s Day 2011 and I am blogging. This is all new to me. I am 75 years old and I have never even seen a blog, but I do know how to type so I think maybe I can do this. You must think this very strange, but my daughter put me up to this. She knows that I have been teaching preschoolers, one way or another for almost 60 years. In fact I am still teaching a preschool class one day a week and I love it! I love preschoolers. I started teaching when I was 16 years old. The fact that I am still teaching them is truly amazing. I also love to use common things you have in the home as teaching tools so it saves lots of money and we all like that. I have about 101 activities floating around in my head so we will get started and see how many I can pass on to you. Remember two things. Always try to make learning fun and play is the work of little children. If you are around them all day you know it really is work because you are exhausted!

Now that Christmas is over what can you do with your Christmas cards? Don’t dare throw them away!

Sorting Christmas cards: On a large rug or table place a card for each category. Give the child a stack of cards to sort by categories. Here are possible categories: religious and traditional: star, wise men, shepherd, manger, angels, donkey, Christmas tree, wreath, candles, bells, church, snow, Santa, etc. This can be done with one or more children.

Adapt for those that can sound out or recognize letters by putting names on paper and place on the rug or table and let them place cards matching that sound in the proper place. Shepherd and Santa would go with S. You get the idea.

You can also use cards as a cutting activity and let them make a collage of all the things they love about Christmas. Everyone loves cut and paste. I know what you’re thinking. Cutting and scissors equals a mess. Tomorrow I will let you know what to do about that!

I did it. First blog done. Now it’s time to get the collard greens and black eyed peas on the stove for lunch!

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7 Responses to Sorting Christmas Cards

  1. Ron says:

    Great to see you doing this. I know it will inspire everyone who reads, because I know your heart to work with preschoolers and help those young ‘uns to grow in all ways.

    Another idea for Christmas cards. One of our nieces cut out various symbols, words, etc. from the cards they received in previous years, and created brand new cards from the pieces/parts of the old (plus some other craft things). They used those cards as their cards this year.

    Blessings! I like the blog!!


  2. Sheryl Sheerin says:

    Thanks Mrs. Reynolds!!!! I look forward to following your blog. I know my little Noah loves being in your class and all that you do to teach him.

  3. Jaime says:

    Hi Mrs. Reynolds, This is Benjamin Brackett’s mom. He was in your class last year in CC! I love that you are teaching these little babes at CC. And I love this christmas card Idea, we have several saved up over the years and we will have fun sorting them. Another fun thing to do is to cut out the cards fronts or pieces of them and use them as tags for next years gifts. I have even done that with cards i’ve received like thank you’s or what not and cut out a piece of it to attach as a gift tag for a birthday present. You are right! Don’t dare throw them out 😉 Any special ideas for photo cards??

  4. Allie Cota says:

    Hi Mrs. Reynolds, This is great. Julia just loves her Fridays with you and the other little ones. I’m so excited to see you blogging and can’t wait to see what other goodies you have for us.

  5. Ruthie Delk says:

    Great job Mom! I can’t wait to read more! Another way to extend this activity is to resort the cards each time a different way. For younger children maybe start with two categories-cards with snow and without snow- and then expand the categories and change them each time.

  6. Janet Delk says:

    Way to go Helen! You have so much to share, it will be a blessing to many. I look forward to reading and learning. Keep up the good work!

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