A Cutting Box


I’m back, hope you had a great New Year’s Day and ready for a great year ahead. Everybody hates cleaning up the scraps after cutting so you will love this cutting box that will save the mess of cutting and can easily be out of sight when not in use. Put under the couch or bed. One to 4 people can cut at the same time. Using the scissors is not an easy skill for preschoolers. So they need lots of practice to strengthen those small muscles. It helps them get ready to write.

Supplies needed: A sturdy rectangular box about three inches high (like a large shirt box or the bottom case that canned drinks come in ) 4 pair of child’s scissors, 4 strong strings or shoe laces about 14 inches long, things to cut like old greeting cards, calendars, magazines, advertisements, scraps of construction paper or computer paper.

The box will hold materials, so turn the box so it becomes a container. Poke a hole at the corners and push the shoe lace through each hole. Then tie the end of the shoelace to the finger holes in the scissors. So you should have a pair of scissors to every corner of the box. Fill box with cutting material. Children can cut to their hearts content. After the cutting put all scraps in box and put box under coach or bed until ready to cut next time. (No mess)

Tip: Use a variety of categories of materials: foods, clothes, toys, and transportation and have children place in piles to help them learn to sort.

Sorting made me think of laundry, I wonder why? Let preschoolers help you do the laundry. They can make piles of the different types of clothing and then match socks by size or color. Everything can be a learning experience and also fun. It also helps preschoolers learn that they can help too.

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3 Responses to A Cutting Box

  1. Karin says:

    Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and keep them coming! Your blog is a joy to read and the ideas are very easy and practical. Love it!

  2. De Sexstone says:

    Great site!! I’m so glad Bill let me know about it. I am passing it along to my kids/grandkids.
    God bless you.

    • Susan Tucker says:

      What a super idea, Helen! In all the years of conversing with you, I never once heard of a cutting box. I’m going to make a copy for Lilly’s teacher. If that is all right with you, that is. I have some teachers wondering what I will bring in next!
      Susan Tucker

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