Bubbles with a Flyswatter!

 We had a brief few days of winter, but now the weather is gorgeous! A beautiful day to get outside and blow some bubbles.  No need to go to store and by that stuff in a bottle.  Keep your money.  Mix ½ galloon water and 1/8 cup of dishwasher detergent (not dishwasher type) mix in a large bowl and grab a fly swatter or two and head outdoors.  Preschoolers find it difficult to blow evenly enough to do it the way the big kids do but they can have great success with waving the flyswatters in the air and watching the bubbles fly though the air.  If any other kids are around they can chase the bubbles until they get a turn with the flyswatter.  Look at the gorgeous colors as the sun shines on the bubbles and if it is a windy day talk about how the wind carries the bubbles away.  If you are stuck inside this winter maybe you can do this on a porch or in your garage!

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