Cutting Practice with Scissors

Cutting with scissors is not easy for tiny hands and weak muscles. It takes a lot of patience and practice. It is a skill that will greatly aid the child in learning to write. Before a child learns to write those small muscles need to be strengthened. So don’t wait- begin when child shows he is ready and wants to do it. Take a piece of paper and start from the center of the page and make lines round and round and round until you go off the paper, The lines should be just less than an inch apart. It will look like a spiral. Help the child place his fingers and thumb in the proper place on the scissors, for this is very important. Also be sure they are using their dominant hand. Then coach the child to follow the lines like a railroad track or road. Saying snip, snip, and snip, all along the way will just make it more fun. When the child gets to the center they will look at their masterpiece and enjoy letting it blow in the wind. Some of the children will want to declare it a snake and that is just fine. Who cares, they are learning to cut.

Another cutting practice to help them get lots of practice is letting the child cut straight lines. This is a little easier. Draw several straight lines across a sheet of paper and let them “follow the tracks” and snip their way across each line. Go green and use scratch paper whenever possible.

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