Paper Scraps have a Purpose!

Each time you do a cutting activity of any kind put all the scraps in the …..No not the trash can. Recycle them into a zip lock plastic bag and save them for the cutting box. Anytime you need an activity change for a few minutes get out the cutting box, empty the scraps into the cutting box and let the children snip away. They just make one snip at a time and make smaller pieces

If the child has enough tiny pieces of colored paper then give them a small Ziploc bag and let them fill it with their beautiful scraps. Then give them a pipe cleaner or a trash tie and tie the bag in the middle and use the ends for the antennae of their awesome butterfly. They will be so proud of their handy work. Or give them some glue and let them paste the scraps onto a paper plate or piece of paper. They will have a beautiful mosaic!

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1 Response to Paper Scraps have a Purpose!

  1. Susan Tucker says:

    What a fantastic idea with paper scraps. I have an idea—cutting only white paper for snow. Are you getting any cold, icy,sleety, weather down there?

    Susan Tucker

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