I know you folks in the north are not thinking of fishing with the snow blowing around but this is great indoor activity you can do all year long.

Almost all children love to go fishing so they will love this activity.

Supplies needed: a small bamboo stick, string and a bobber, magnet, paper fish with metal paper clips for their mouths.

Make a fishing pole with a stick about 2 feet long. Tie a string, bobber and a magnet on the end of the pole. NO HOOKS PLEASE .Cut out some fish of all colors and draw mouth and eye. Yes, if you are artistically inclined add the fins too. Place a metal paperclip on each mouth. You can use any kind of magnet that can be tied on the end of the line. A small toy horse shoe magnet works great if you can find one. Be sure the magnet is strong enough to pick up the fish with the paper clip.

Now it is time to fish. Let child spread the fish on the floor. The child will enjoy fishing by dropping the fishing line over the clip in the fish’s mouth. Sometimes they will be so surprised when they pull up two or three at a time.

You can use fish in different colors and have child name the color of the fish he catches. You could put numbers on the fish and let child name the number on the fish he catches. You could put Bible verses or thoughts on the fish and read them to the child when he pulls the fish up.

The older preschoolers are learning to sight read. Make a stack of fish out of white paper and write the color names or number names on the fish and let them sound out the words.

After you make the fish it is really a good idea to laminate them so they will last longer. The children will enjoy going fishing lots of times.

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2 Responses to GOING FISHING

  1. cknalls says:

    Hi Helen,
    My name is Katie Nalls. I’m so glad that your kind brother sent us the link to your blog. We live in Mozambique with our 2 girls (3-yrs-old and 11-wks-old). I am always looking for activities to do with my 3-yr-old. Thanks so much!

    • Helen says:

      Katie thanks for you kind email. I am so glad you like my blog and I hope and pray it will be helpful in teaching your preschoolers. I will also start posting a simple Bible lesson each week emphasizing one of the 8 spiritual truths that are age appropriate. I hope to post a simple plan for teaching a group of chidren. Please share this blog site with your missionary friends who are mom’s of preschoolers. If you have any ideas for me please feel free to share them so I can better meet your needs. We will be praying for your family and your mission there that God will give you a rich harvest. In His love, Helen Reynolds

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