Magic writing

Children love surprises. This will be fun to watch.

Supplies needed: A white sheet of paper,. A white crayon, one or 2 colors of food coloring( blue and red show up nicely), Two small paper cups filled with about ¼ cup of water and a Q tip for each child and a few extra in case one breaks.

In advance draw a simple picture on the paper. A smiley face, a flower, a tree, anything will delight the child. The child is given the paper and it looks like a clean sheet of paper. You instruct the child to choose a color and then pour a few drops of that color into the cup of water. Then they are asked to paint with the Q tip on the white paper using long back and forth strokes. Very soon they will see the picture come through under the paint. What a surprise. IT IS LIKE MAGIC!

Older children will like words or phrases like; You are special,
Susie is special, Jesus loves you, or simply I love you.

Children love to see their handy work displayed. Always print their name on the top right side of the paper. This is a pre-reading skill because they will train their eyes to go from left to right when they read. Seeing their name over and over will help them to be able to sight read their name and even recognize it among other names. See the pride on their faces when they can say, “this is my name.”

Spiritual truth:  We are special.  God made us.  He gave us hands to paint, and eyes to see the beautiful colors.

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3 Responses to Magic writing

  1. Ruthie Delk says:

    Congrats Mom! You did it all by yourself this time! I knew you would get the hang of this! 😉

    • Helen says:

      Ruthie I couldn’t have done it without you. First your dream and then setting it up for me. What a challange for a 75 year old. It is exciting. Thanks Mom

  2. Tiffaney says:

    My 3 year old and I tried this today. We used green food coloring and I think we will try the recommended red or blue next time. It was fun and much simpler to clean up and such than typical painting chaos. Thank you for the great idea!

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