Telling a Bible Story

When you read or tell a Bible story to preschooler tell it with lots of expression and sound effects. Make the characters and events come alive for the children. Use a children’s Bible as it will be age appropriate. We all learn through our senses and we learn in different ways so we need to be sure the children hear the story, see something about the story, tell the story back in their words, and then finally do something with their hands.

Some ideas for follow-up after the story are told:

1. Use a Bible picture to show and let them tell parts of the story back to you. Let them ask questions too.

2. Have a sack of dress up items so they can act out the story in costumes. You can use scarves, sashes, necklaces, and items of clothing like shirts and skirts. Have some props on hand if they are vital to the story. For example:

A basket for baby Moses and some beads for the princess

Basket with five loaves and 2 little fish

Net for fisherman

Bandages for the Good Samaritan

You simply tell the story again as they walk through it.

Doing an activity that goes along with the story will give them hands on experience to reinforce the story.

3…Make a picture using crayons, chalk, or paints, (The least creative thing you can do is give them a color sheet. It is difficult for preschoolers to stay in the lines so it is often a discouraging task. If other children are doing the same they often compare their picture with others. Every child develops at their own pace and we never ever compare children in any area.)

4…The story of the Good Samaritan is a lesson about how we are to care for one another. Make a picture out of things that help us care for someone with a skinned knee or elbow. Give each child 2 band aids, 3 Q tips and 2 cotton balls. The band aids will serve as the road or sidewalk, the 2 cotton balls can make the body, the legs are 2 Q Tips and the arms are a half of a Q tip for each arm. Write on picture. We care for one another or Child’s name cares for others.

5…Let them make the needed characters and props out of play dough and put them all together and let child tell the story.

Spiritual truth:  The Bible is God’s word to us.  We learn how to be kind and care for others.

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