Bible Character Puppet

Supplies needed: one bendable coat hanger, one leg from old panty hose (never throw hose away with one good leg), and scraps of construction paper or small pieces of felt.

Bend the coat hanger in oval shape to make the face. Slip the hose down to cover the hanger and stretch out to the bottom, cut the hose off when you have enough to tie the botton to hanger hook with a string. Add eyes, eyebrows,nose, and mouth using contruction paper or felt scraps and glue to face of puppet. Add yarn or string for hair and beard if for a man. Then take a thin dish towell and put it over the forehead of the puppet and tie with a piece of rope or twine to secure the headress.

Put the puppet in front of your face and pretend to be the Bible character and tell the story. For example: ” I am Joseph or Moses….” Let the child hold it in front of their face and tell the story. This is very helpful for the shy child who may not want to talk much and it lets them kinda hide behind the puppet unnoticed.

It is also fun to let the child make a puppet of his own face and talk about himself. Tell his name, where he lives, how many brothers and , sisters does he have any pets, etc. This builds self-esteem and confidence.

Spritual truths: Bible, I am special

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