More Puppets

While I am thinking of puppets let me remind you that they are a wonderful tool for telling stories, teaching a song and acting out stories or situations. They can be used to give instructions, to promote an event or just have fun.

Tin Can People
Tall juice cans or pringle cans make good puppets. Cut both ends out of the can and be sure there are no rough edges, cover edge with masking tape if needed. Take some newspaper and wad it up into a ball for the head add the face and hair and then put it inside a small paper bag. Place the bag in the can. Let the puppet show begin. 

Stick Puppets
Let the child draw the faces on a piece of heavy paper or let them find faces in magazines and paste or tape them on a craft stick or tongue depressor. If they are making Bible characters you will find good pictures in old Sunday School books at church.

Styrofoam Ball Puppets
You can cut, glue, stick pins into it or dent styrofoam so it is easy for children to work with. Take a styrofoam ball for the head and punch a piece of dowel or a pencil into the ball for a hand-hold. Glue yarn on the ball for hair. Paint or use crayons the face. Felt scraps also work good. Use piece of cloth to cover the puppet holder’s hand.

Life-size “fronts”
Take a large piece of cardboard ( the side of a large box) and cut it large enough to cover the child from the top of his head to his knees. Draw an outline of the character he is to represent. The child could also be himself. Cut out a round hole for the face and two holes for the hands. This puppets builds communication skills in a fun way. To recycle turn the board over and paint a clown face or  let child paint the board with a collage of colors and let it become a bean bag toss. Remember if you do not have a bean bag then just roll up a pair of socks to throw. This helps develope eye -hand coordination and large motor skills.  This will be fun for the whole family.

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