A Valentine Hug

Supplies needed.  A brown paper lunch sack or a plain piece of paper.  One hand made Valentine and crayons.

Valentines are loved by young and old alike.  Making valentines is much more fun than buying them and cheaper too. Grandma’s and Grandpa’s never get enough hugs from their grandkids, especially if they don’t live close by.  So here is an idea to send a valentine hug to someone that your kids love.

The goal is to create a heart with a message and an arm hanging off to each side as if outstretched for a hug.

On a paper bag lunch sack or just a plain piece of paper draw around the childs arms and hands. (If you want to draw around only one, fold the paper under the drawing before you cut.)  Now you should have two arms shaped just like your child’s.

Cut out a heart shape and let the child decorate it as a valentine. Now attach the arms to the heart on either side with the thumbs up in the air.  If you have a picture of your child you could paste that on the heart.  Let the children color the arms like the clothes they are wearing if desired.  Let child write on card….this hug will delight all who receive it, especially those that can’t get a real hug on valentine’s day.

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2 Responses to A Valentine Hug

  1. Grandmila says:

    So glad that you are blogging! This information is a treasure trove of fun spiritual loving ideas that I know are well researched. I love the idea of drawing the child’s arms for the valentine hug project! You are fabulous. Now everyone else will know it too.
    Love you!

    • Helen says:

      Cherie, Thanks for your encouragement. This is a big challange for a 75 year old. But I am loving doing it and want it to be a helpful tool in working with preschoolers and also a blessing to those who care for them. PASS ON THE ADDRESS TO THOSE YOU KNOW. lOVE, HELEN

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