Eight Spiritual Truths for Preschoolers

Through the years many people have asked me the question:  “What are the spiritual or Biblical truths that are appropriate for preschool children?”  These are the truths that you can teach them through everyday life situations and that will become the foundation for future biblical teachings.

Parents are the child’s first teacher and you can also be the BEST. Your home, your neighborhood, and the world around you is your classroom.  Use every teachable moment throughout the day and night.


God is the creator of the world. He made each of us.  He loves us and cares for us.  We can talk to God.


Jesus is God’s son.  He went about doing good.  Jesus is our best friend.  He is pleased when we share our things and help one another.  Jesus loves everyone in the whole world.


The Bible is a special book.  It is filled with wonderful stories of people just like us.Some people obeyed God and others disobeyed God.

The Bible tells us about God.  The Bible teaches us how to be happy.


The church is a group of people who love God and want to listen and learn from the Bible , sing, pray and work together. We like to go to church.


The child is very special because God made him and cares for him.  He has great value to God and to others. God has special things for him to do.  God wants him to be kind, loving, and helpful.


God planned for families.  He cares for us through our families.  We learn from our families.  Families are a gift from God.  Our church is like a family too.  We love one another.


God made everyone and He loves everyone.  We must learn to love and respect others even if they are different from us.  We are to be kind, loving, and helpful to everyone.

The natural world

God made the world and everything in it and it was good. He still controls the world He made. He told us to take care of the world. If we take care of it the people that come after us will have the things they need like food and water. We can thank God for the beautiful world He made for us to enjoy.

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