Feely Box

Supplies needed:  A small box like a square kleenex box. A pair of infant pajamas without feet. A collection of objects to feel to put in the box.  They can be nature items, shapes, letters of alphabet, and different textures like sandpaper, carpet scrap, rock, etc.

Feeling is one of the five senses.  We depend on our eyes, ears, noses, and taste so often it is fun to just use our fingers to feel something that they cannot see, hear, smell or taste.

Find the box and cut the top off the box. Put the items in the box and then cover the top of the box with the waistband of the pajamas, letting the legs hang over the sides. The child puts his arm in the pajama leg and reaches for an object in the box.  They try to describe what they are feeling guided by your questions.  Is it rough or smooth?  Is it soft or hard?  Can you tell us what you think it is?  Pull the object out and see if they are correct.

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