Moving to Music

Supplies needed:  Plastic rings that surround the 6 pack of soda drinks.  Ribbons, crepe paper or newspaper (colored funnies work best)

Cut out the 6 rings of plastic.  Let the child cut out the streamers of paper in strips of 1/2 inch(+ or -) They can be of different lengths but no longer than a foot or shorter that 6 inches. The more colors you have the better. Attach the colored streamers to the plastic rings.  Some will want to wear them as bracelets, others will love just waving them in the air and dancing. Just put on the music and let them enjoy. This is great to use for girls birthday party.  They are fun to use outside on a pretty day  and just  let them run with the wind.

A variation of this is to attach a pretty scarf or ribbons to the ring and let the child enjoy the movement.

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