Playdough cleanup

Children love play dough and it is great teaching tool. Don’t avoid it because it is messy.  Teach you child that play dough is only used at a table with a place mat.  Try never to let any play dough get off the mat. (If you don’t have an old plastic place mat use a piece of cardboard covers with contact paper or plastic.)  Let the child crumble up the play dough and scatter it on the mat.  Show them how to clean up that mess….use a ball of play dough to be your vacuum cleaner and as you push it into the little pieces it  will pick up all the pieces in a flash.  Every time the child uses play dough he can use this for quick clean up.  Always check the floor to be sure none has escaped from the mat. Play dough can be used to make all sorts of shapes, tell stories, build a house, make animals… is endless what you can do with playdough.  Buy it or make your own.

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