Sunday School Lesson

II Chronicles 34:1-35:19
Always have the Bible open in your lap at the text. You want them to know it is from the Bible and it is a true story.

Get the children’s attention by asking if they have ever lost anything. Ask if their parents have ever lost anything. What happens when they find the lost item. You will get lots of conversation I am sure.
Children know what a Bible looks like today, but you need to show them a scroll. Explain that the Bible was written on scrolls long years ago before there were printing presses. The words were written with pens and ink by hand. It took a long time.

Tell the story:
A boy about 8 years old became the King of Judah. His name as Josiah. Now he would be called King Josiah. He loved God and wanted to obey God’s rules. He sent his workers to repair the temple and to clean it up. People had not gone to worship and they did not obey God’s rules. The temple needed a lot of work. One day the workers found a scroll. It was very dusty. They took it to King Josiah and he read it. He called the people together and read it to them. This is the book of the law. These are the rules God want us to follow. He asked the people to obey God’s laws and they promised to obey. They were happy the scroll was found and they were happy to go to the temple to worship God. It was now repaired and clean.
Josiah was a good king.  He helped the people obey God.

Do you think our church needs to be clean? How can we help? We can start today by cleaning our room. We might go for a walk in a safe area and pick up litter.
I always like the activities to relate to the story. The next 5 posts will be ideas that you could use with this lesson. Select the one that is best for your group or use several of them during the month using the same themes.

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