Let’s Go Fly a Kite

All my life I have heard that March comes in like a lamb or a lion.  For my family it came in like a lion and I am not talking about the wind.  My husband Ray went in for a heart caterization on Monday and on Wednesday he had a 5 way by-pass.  This was a total shock to us.  So we have spent most of our waking hours at the hospital.  He is recovering and we thank God for great doctors and lots of prayers for healing.  Now I will try to get back to blogging. So lets take advantage of windy days and go fly our kites.

Supplies needed: Large paper cup, markers, scissors, crepe paper or newspaper(colored comics) stapler, and string.

Cut off the bottom of a large paper cup.  Use the smaller end of the carp as the fish’s mouth.  (I forgot to tell you this is a Japanese carp kite) Now use the markers to draw the fish’s eyes, gills, and fines on the cup.

Staple the crepe paper streamers to the large end of the cup

Poke two small holes on opposite sides of the fish’s mouth.  Thread a short string through the two holes and knot the ends.  Tie a long piece of string to the center of the short string. 

These kites are flown on Children’s Day which is May 5in Japan

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