Make a butterfly with your feet

Spring brings out the butterflies. So let’s make a butterfly. 

Supplies needed:  Yellow piece of construction paper, black crayons or markers, a pipe cleaner, black paper and a child with shoes on.

Let the child stand on the yellow construction paper with feet about an inch apart and toes slightly turned outward.  Trace around both shoes keep the shoes attached in the middle.  Now cut out a black body to paste in the center of the shoe prints.  Add a black pipe cleaner folded in half and curled on the ends to look like the antennae. If you don’t have a pipe cleaner cut out of paper.  Tape or glue to body.  Let child color with black for Monarch butterfly or use lots of colors for others.  See I told you we could use our feet to make a butterfly.  Hang on a string and run with the wind or make several and make a mobile for their room.

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