Back to the Basics

I’ve given you lots of ideas for creative arts but now we really need to give some attention to the reading, writing, and arithmetic.  When a child enters first grade they need to  be able to speak about 3,000 word.  They should understand 20,000-30,000 words.

I know you are asking the question, “How could that be possible?”

, ReadRead, Read

Never go anywhere without a book to read to your child. Then you won’t waste time while you wait for someone or get stopped in traffic jam.  Read to them as often as possible.  Get everyone  in the family who knows how to read to join the effort.  It will bring great pleasure to child and the reader.

Talk with you child throughout the day.  You are modeling word sounds and meaning.  Never use baby talk.

Read pictures.  Scan through a magazine or calendar with your child and let them tell you what they see and what is happening in the picture.  They can even make up a story about the picture.

Encourage questions

This means  that  the child is thinking and learning new information.

Stretch your child’s sentences.  It the child says “See car”.  You add “Yes, I see that beautiful green car.  It is going fast”

Whatever you are doing with the child it can be a learning activity.  For example, don’t just make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but involve the child and see how much they can learn.  You might say, ” Let’s get two pieces of bread, they  have the shape of a square.  Now we will get a knife and spread the peanut butter all over the bread and into the four corners.  Now we will do the same thing with the jelly.  What a good job, I like it spread all the way to the corners.  Now we place the other slice of bread on top.  Do you want to eat it like it is or cut it in half?  We can do it one way and it will make 2 triangles or another way it will make 2 rectangles.” Aren’t you amazed at the vocabulary and concepts presented in this everyday activity?

A bedtime story should be the favorite time of day for both parent and child.  You will pass on to your child the love of reading at an early age that will probably last a life time.

Use nature……go for a walk any season of the yer and talk about all the things  you see, the people, the cars, bikes and let the conversation flow.

Give spoken directions

Start with one thing then add two and then three or more. 

Go to the door

Put you hand on your head

Come back  and sit on my lap

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