Parade of letters

Almost everyone learned their ABC’s by singing the Alphabet Song.  Now have all the letters on a poster board or use the plastic magnetic letters that you can keep on the refrigerator door.  Have the child point to the letters as they sing.  While you are cooking dinner call out a letter and ask the child to show you that letter.  Then  they can tell you what sound the letter makes.  Soon they will be able to tell you a few words that begin with that letter.

Cut out the alphabet letters on sandpaper and let the child feel the shapes of the letters as they learn the names.

Put some sand in a dishpan and call out a letter and let them draw it in the sand. If  you happen to be at the beach let them draw in the sand.  How fun is that?

Erase that letter and call out another.  Soon they will be able to do the same  writing words.

Look at the letters and have the child find the different letters in a book.

Learning to write the letters correctly comes a little later and it is not easy.  That is why we try to strengthen the small muscles so make writing easier.  If you buy a writing tablet with double spaces there is always a picture to show you the correct way to make the letters.  Certain strokes come first and they are numbered to show you the pattern for making each letter.  If you teach it incorrectly it is hard to correct it.

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