Letter of the day or week

For example choose a letter for the day or week.  Like the letter C

All during the day or week play the C game

  • During the meal or snack time identify any foods that start with C
  • While playing outside, name anything you see that starts with C
  • Think of any family, friends, or pets whose name begins with C
  • Practice writing or drawing pictures of items that start with C 
  • Make letter C out of play dough or modeling clay
  • Spread peanut butter, cream cheese or your favorite spread on a piece of bread.  Then let your child write the letter C with raisins, crackers, celery sticks or with a plastic knife.
  • Make a large letter C on the floor with masking tape.  You and your child take turns walking the tightrope.
  • Mystery writing is always fun.  Let your child hold out his hand and close his eyes..no peeking.  You write different letters in his hand and let him guess which letter it is and later which sound it makes.  You can also do this on their back.  Great game for car trips.     
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