Activities Using Shakers

Supplies needed:

You can purchase the traditional drumstick shaped ones, they are very easy for children to use. You will find them in the toy section.

Homemade shakers can be made with any small plastic jars.  They can be filled with small stones, beans, rice, and sand.  This can be a great project for you to make with your child.  They can listen to the different sounds that come from the shakers depending on what they are filled with.  Be sure and glue the lid on tight after you fill them so you won’t have spills.

The sound will change when you shake them vigorously or lightly, waved through the air, tapped on your palm, or rubbed gently on a shoulder or knee.

Show the proper way to shake.  Use the wrist and keep arm still for the best sound.


  • tap the shaker into the palm of your other hand
  • hold the shaker upside down and shake
  • rub the shaker on the floor
  •  shake high in the air
  • rub the shaker on your arm
  • shake “our and in”
  • make circles in the air
  • shake up and down and to the side
  • shake behind your back
  • rub the shaker on your tummy
  • gently tap the shaker on your show
  • “vacuum” the floor in front of you “sweep” the floor using the shaker like a broom
  • twirl the shaker, using both hands

Did you notice how many words we used that will help your child with understanding of the meaning of words.

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