Let’s Make Music with sticks

Supplies needed:

Two wooden spoons will work fine or two dowels cut about 10-12 inches long.

Preschoolers love to make noise  and using rhythm instruments can help guide them toward expressing themselves musically. We will give you some activities using sticks, shakers, drums, and bells.  They will soon be celebrating life with a shake, rattle and roll. I start with sticks because they have a very clear, sharp beat.  The beat is the track that keeps you together and is easy to hear. Show your child the proper use of sticks.  Hold them with your forearms resting on your thighs (when sitting cross legged on floor you are in great position) and your hands just a few inches off the floor.  Tap the sticks together gently, using only a small wrist motions.  Let  your child practice that motion.  You don’t need to bang the sticks hard to get a nice loud sound.


  • Tap the sticks together
  • Tap the floor-sticks together
  • Tap the floor-alternating right and left
  • Scrape the sticks together
  • Roll the sticks together on the floor
  • Tap the sticks on your shoes
  • Tap your knees gently with the sticks
  • Hammer with the sticks

Play copy me and take turns doing something with sticks and let other person copy the motion.

Sing to tune of “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush.”

This is the way we tap our sticks,

Tap our sticks, tap our sticks,

This is the way we tap our sticks,

 So early in the morning.

This is the way we tap them soft….

This is the way we scrape them soft….

This is the way we tap the floor…

This is the way we tap our shoes….

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