Sand Blocks

Sand blocks are easy to make.  Make them with 2 small rectangular pieces of wood (4″x 3″) glue sand paper on one side.  On the other side put a small  knob for a handle. An old wooden spool works fine. Cover the side with tape so the child won’t get splinters.

Show your child how to scrape them together in a back and forth motion to make a wondferrful “shuff-shuff” sound.  It is pretty loud.

Talk about what sandpaper is used for.  Talk about what a scrapping sound is and how it can be make with different things.


Scrape blocks back and forth

scrape in an up and down motion

clap blocks together

clap sides of blocks together

hold blocks “backwards” and  tap handles together

put one block on floor and tap with other block

tap ends of blocks together

tap ends of blocks on the floor

scrape very softly

“clap” very softly

tap ends of blocks on shoes

Let child add more ideas

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