Hide and Seek with Pennies

Supplies needed:  Play dough or Silly Putty and 10 pennies

Use play dough for younger children

Silly putty for older children

This activity is fun but must be closely supervised so that the children do not put the pennies in their mouths.  The purpose of the activity is to strengthen their small muscles…their fingers.  These are the muscles used in learning to write, draw, color, and cut with scissors so it is very important.


Give the child a big glob of play dough or silly putty and let them work it with their hands and enjoy the feel of it.  They will soon discover that the warm of their hands will make it easier to work.  Give them 5 pennies and ask them to hide the pennies in the dough so they cannot be seen.  Then ask them to find them and pull them out. 
Now give them 10 pennies to hide and pull them out.  It is harder than you think and is great for strengthening those fingers for the work they will do in future.

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