A quiet toy for toddlers

As a preacher’s wife in a country church with no nursery I sat in church with 2 little boys.  My husband would come home after church and be tired from preaching.  I begged him to let me preach one Sunday and he could sit with the kids.  It is not easy to keep little ones quiet.  This toy was a lifesaver for me.

Supplies needed:

A small match box covered with contact, wallpaper, gift wrap or construction paper. ( We don’t want the child to know matches come in this box originally for safety reasons)

A cotton ball

Quietly show the toddler how to open and close the box.  When they get tired of that put the cotton ball inside and it is like playing peek a boo with the cotton ball.  Great for small muscles development and increase vocabulary.  Examples:  Open, close, in and out, etc.  If they drop the box or cotton is hardly makes a noise.  Keep this little box in your purse or pocket and it will come in handy in waiting rooms or grocery lines.

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