Every apple has a star inside

Supplies needed:

One apple

Knief for cutting apple

Get the child’s curiosity up by asking if they think there is a star inside every apple.  Talk about different kinds of stars.  There are stars up in the sky at night.  There are stars to decorate Christmas trees.  Their are sticker stars and etc.  But I can’t imagine a star inside an apple.  Let’s see if it is true.

Cut the apple in the middle between the stem and the bottom of the apple (not the normal way to cut)

When you open it up look in the center for the seeds.  They are so tiny and yet if planted they each could become an apple tree.  Do  you see the star shape?  Are you surprised to find a star inside an apple?  Now enjoy eating the apple together.  They are very good for you.  My mother told me, “An apple a day  keeps the doctor away.”  What do you think that means.

Here is a poem I learned a long time ago:

If God could take a tiny seed

and make a apple tree.

Think what he could do

with a little boy (or girl) like me.

Here is an action poem the kids love

Two little apples hanging on a tree (hold up 2 fingers)

Two little apples smiling at me. (make smiley face)

I shook the tree as hard as I could (shake the tree hard)

Down fell the apples ( squat on ground)

Mmmmm they were good. (rum tummy and lick lips)

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