Ocean Foam

What is more fun than going to the beach and playing in that wonderful white foam that rides on top of the waves.  Now you can enjoy it at home. 
This activity can be done anywhere but I suggest the outdoors or in the bathtub.

Supplies needed:

Large bowl or dish pan

Dish soap


Plastic water bottle

5″ by 5″ piece of terry cloth ( cut up wash rag)

rubber band

Prepare the bottle by cutting off the top part leaving about 3 inches in length.  It will look like a funnel.  Smooth off the edges so they will not cut the child.  Cover the large opening with terry cloth and secure it with a rubber band.  Now you are ready to make bubbles that will be like the ocean foam.

First let your child practice blowing air out of his lungs.  Blow hard several times.  Now pour a small amount of water in container and add a little bit of dish soap.  Let child swish the bottom of bottle in soapy water and then start blowing.  If they suck air in it will fill their mouths so be sure they blow out.  You will all be surprised how you can fill a big container with bubbles that look like and feel like ocean foam.  I bet they will want to make foam again and again so save your bottles.

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