As  you can se…

As  you can see I am back again.  Sorry for the long break but as you know last year was a difficult one with my husband’s illness.  He is doing good now and we are so grateful.  I got a recent summary of my first year blogging and I had over 4,000 hits on the 72 blogs that I posted. (unbelievable to me)and many good comments.  My goal was to do 101 ideas and I hope to work hard to get it done..  Since I have a birthday coming up I hope to complete this project by March 15 when I will turn 77.  So stay with me we are almost to the finish line….unless I get a second wind.  Thanks for you support through it all. 

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2 Responses to As  you can se…

  1. Cherie George says:

    I love your blog! The projects are so fun and teach a blessing as well. I love you too!
    thanks for your blog. Hope this year is full of joy unceasing and abundant health!
    Love, Cherie

  2. Charlene says:

    I’m glad you are continuing and that you and Ray are doing great!

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