Valentine fun…..Happy Valentines Day

Supplies needed:

Wall paper sample book or assorted colored paper

Scissors, markers, glue

Heart patterns different sizes on hard stock paper or use cookie cutter

Lace,buttons, bows, rick rack, cloth scraps, etc.

For younger children cut out at least a dozen hearts of different sizes and designs.  Let them count the hearts,   sort the hearts by color or design, let them show you which is the biggest, and the smallest.  Hide them like Easter eggs and let them find them.  Make pictures with them.  Put them on the table or floor and show them how to line them up in a row or put them in a circle.

Older children can trace the patterns and then cut them out. They will also enjoy doing the things suggested above. 

 Get out lace, rick rack, stickers, buttons, and let your child be creative and make their own valentines




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1 Response to Valentine fun…..Happy Valentines Day

  1. Susan Tucker says:

    Soooo glad you are back in the school room. As a Master teacher, you have always been an inspiration to my teaching.Helen, Thanks, Susan Tucker

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