Making Butter with a shake, shake, shake

I know you think I got lost in space these past months when I had good intentions of finishing up 101 blogs. I am in the mountains and so busy just enjoying the beauty of springtime that has now rolled into summer.  I hope to get focused with more ideas for Preschoolers.  The children  need to keep busy in the summer and keep right on learning through play.

Supplies needed:

1 large ziploc bag or plastic container with a lid

l pint of heavy whipping cream

l pinch of salt

Give you child the bag and you hold the bag and let them pour in the cream and the salt. (REMEMBER NEVER DO FOR A CHILD WHAT HE CAN DO FOR HIMSELF)Then be sure bag or lid is securely fastened.  Put on some shaking music if you want to add to the fun and let your child shake this butter until it begins to form a ball,  It takes about 15 minutes.  Add a drop of yellow food coloring and you child will delight to see it change the color of the cream. Drain the excess liquid off and seal the container tight.  Put in refrigerator to cool and then serve it for snack or for family dinner. While the shaking is begin done be sure and tell the children how in days past the women churned the butter and it was hard work and took a long time an a lot of patience.

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