Make a Picture Phone Book

Preschooler are beginning to learn their numbers by sight and by name.  They also need to know how to use the telephone or cell phone in case of emergency. This activity will help them with those skills but also let them make their own telephone book.  First practice with a toy phone.

Supplies needed:

3 by 5 index cards (about 5 to start with add more later)

Pictures to identify who is begin called ( Emergency, Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc.)

Markers or crayons

Hole punch

Ribbon or string

Glue picture on card, write telephone number and name of person

Punch holes in top and tie ribbon through the holes

Teach how to answer the phone correctly and politely and how to ask for someone on the phone.  Discuss possible emergency situations and how to dial 991. Play a guessing game with child and name a situation and let him guess if is an emergency or not. That is very important for them to know the difference.



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