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Back to the Basics

I’ve given you lots of ideas for creative arts but now we really need to give some attention to the reading, writing, and arithmetic.  When a child enters first grade they need to  be able to speak about 3,000 word.  … Continue reading

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Some trees change with the seasons

Supplies needed: White paper, brown crayon, tissue paper, pink and white for spring, red, orange, brown, yellow for fall, green for summer. Use this at the change of each season or in one week teach all four of the  changes … Continue reading

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Feely Box

Supplies needed:  A small box like a square kleenex box. A pair of infant pajamas without feet. A collection of objects to feel to put in the box.  They can be nature items, shapes, letters of alphabet, and different textures like sandpaper, carpet … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day, February 2

February has arrived so don’t miss the chance to teach your preschooler about the famous Groundhog.  If you google it you will find everything you need to know and more.  You can teach about the animal, the weather, and the … Continue reading

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Making Snowflakes

We have had record breaking winter weather this past month. Many got to experience a white Christmas for the first time ever. We in the south watch the weather channel and dream about what that winter wonderland would be like…..making … Continue reading

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Making a Nature Bracelet

It is such a pretty day today it makes me want to go on a walk. I think I’ll grab the 2 preschoolers next door and we’ll make a bracelet. We’ll get in our exercise too. Supplies needed: masking tape … Continue reading

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