Make a Picture Phone Book

Preschooler are beginning to learn their numbers by sight and by name.  They also need to know how to use the telephone or cell phone in case of emergency. This activity will help them with those skills but also let them make their own telephone book.  First practice with a toy phone.

Supplies needed:

3 by 5 index cards (about 5 to start with add more later)

Pictures to identify who is begin called ( Emergency, Mom, Dad, Grandma, etc.)

Markers or crayons

Hole punch

Ribbon or string

Glue picture on card, write telephone number and name of person

Punch holes in top and tie ribbon through the holes

Teach how to answer the phone correctly and politely and how to ask for someone on the phone.  Discuss possible emergency situations and how to dial 991. Play a guessing game with child and name a situation and let him guess if is an emergency or not. That is very important for them to know the difference.



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Take apart old machines

Curiosity and creativity go hand in hand. Children have a head full of questions to ask.  This “on hands” activity will delight them and keep them busy and learning in the process.

Supplies needed:

Hammer, screwdriver, plier


Small appliance or mechanical object that no longer works. (alarm clock, watch, wind-up toy, hand mixer, etc.

Put the machine on the newspaper on your work space.  With all the tools near by let the child explore.  If it has an electric cord cut it off before you begin for safety. Let child just explore but always with adult supervision.

This activity not only aids curiosity and creativity but gives parent-child focused attention and time for lots of conversation.   Go for it!

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Shine Copper Shine

If you have any copper in your house, getting it shined up is a big job.  Children love it so put them to work.

Supplies needed:

5 Tablespoons of salt

1/2 cup of vinegar

1 slotted spoon

Copper pennies,bowls, pitchers, and other small copper objects

Newspaper and paper towels

Soft cloth for larger items

Cover you work space with newspaper. Mix salt and vinegar in bowl. Drop in the coins and small items and

stir them around in the bowl. Almost instantly they will change color.  Remove the objects with spoon and place on newspaper to dry. 

To shine larger items dip a soft cloth in the solution and rub it on the item.  Then rub, and rub, and rub some more.

This activity introduces your child to exciting world of science and this easy and safe chemistry experiment.

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Travel surprises for the children as they travel

First determine how many miles you are driving.  Then decide how many miles you go before you  give the a surprise bag.  Every 50 miles or every 100 miles, it is up to you.

Supplies needed: 

Lunch bag size sacks



Let each child prepare lunch size paper sack with their own creative designs and their name on each bag.  You go to shop and purchase about 5 items for each bag.  When you reach the mileage then each child get his surprise bag.

Suggested items:  Drink, snack, toy to play with in the car, a small book etc.

Optional.  You could let children select the items then you fill the bags and the surprise will be which items are in their bags.

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More ABC’s while you drive

Supplies needed:

Assorted magnetic-backed letters, numbers, shapes,and toys

A stainless steel cookie sheet or cake pan with a lid

Bag to keep them in

As you drive along let you child make words or pictures

with the magnetic pieces.  Some one call out a letter and the child can find it and put it on the sheet.

Child can call out an object and you can spell it for them as they place it on their sheet.

Another option.  Use foam or vinyl sticker shapes on the side windows as they drive. 

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ABC Travel Log

We all have heard a 1,000 times, ” Are we there yet?  This log will help the time pass more quickly.

Supplies needed:

A small 50 page notebook

Ziploc bag large enough to hold the book

Crayons, pen, and or pencil

Put a letter of the alphabet on each page from A to Z.  Older children can do this for themselves and for the younger children.  Each child adds to the book as they drive along. If they see a barn they can write the word barn or draw a picture.  If they see a skycraper find the s page and record it.  This will make the trip a great learning experience.

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An interview with a family member

If you are going on vacation or have a family member living close by, take time to let your child inview them to learn and preserve the family history.

Supplies needed:

a tape recorder or video camera

empty cassette tape or videotape (30 minute ones are best)

family member to interview

a quiet place

Before you begin let child help you think of questions to ask…..things they would like to know about. 

Where they were born? Tell me about your childhood, family, home, school, first jobs, best birthday and, etc.

The child may want to ask to see a few favorite photos. Be sure to add label on tape of person interviewed, interviewer, and the date and place.  Everyone will enjoy this in later years.

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