Outdoor Painting

This is one of my favorite activities with toddlers and Preschoolers.  It is so easy and they just love it. 

Supplies needed:

Small foam paint brush (disposable type) or a real small brush you don’t care about.

A small bucket of water ( Yes, just plain water)

Objects to paint:  a car, a house, a fence, a barn, a swing set, etc. anything

Optional:  painters cap

A hot summer day is perfect for this activity.  Tell you child you need some painting done and need their help.  Gather supplies and take them to it.  Ask them to simply paint.  It will look wet as they paint and soon it will evaporate and be gone.  The child just loves painting so they just keep painting and loving the chance of a lifetime.  Enjoy together….they like it much better if you paint too.

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